Disillusioned with kohthu roti

image-0-02-03-2ece7212dc578c6d3fbdf0df2eefd4288dc75b0f6c3a843304d74c722661f3f8-vHave you ever had a kohthu roti from Pilawoos?

No? What have you been doing with your life?

Yes? Then you know how absolutely, foodgasmically near perfect it is.

We used to eat kohthu from Cibo before Pilawoos decided to open an outlet here in Little Sodom. Cibo kohthu is… well, as far from tasting good as it can get. It’s only worth eating when you are ravenous beyond the point of caring what you’re stuffing your face with.

Of late, though, Pilawoos kohthu has lost its flavour. It is no longer true to its origins, made with a mix of unsavoury ingredients that would have had no place in the original recipe.

It filled me with a sense of loss and disappointment. Left me disillusioned with the power of kohthu.

For something that once embodied the essence of perfection to reach this level of “sigh, I guess this is what I’m left with now” is a matter of unspeakable sorrow.

I could go on eating this sub-standard Pilawoos kohthu and feeling this sense of sadness and loss every time, or I could abandon it.

I still couldn’t eat Cibo kohthu without distaste, but were I to eat it, it would not disappoint me like the current version of Pilawoos kohthu does since I never expected better of it anyway.

So in the end, I have decided that while I steer clear of Cibo kohthu, I also have no intention of resorting to eating the corrupted kohthu that Pilawoos now offers.

And that, in effect, is how I feel about MDP (MUO) now.